Active Shooter Training

“At the event, we were partying, dancing, whining, and dining. All of a sudden, boom!!! The entire place was up with bullets; quick action, violently, and deliberately done.”

Maybe you or someone you know probably witnessed such a scenario where someone disrupts an event with many rounds of bullets.

That’s who exactly an active shooter is.

An active shooter actively kills or attempts to kill people in a confined and populated area, usually with a firearm.

When an active shooter is nearby, you must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with the situation.

In such a situation, a sense of panic takes over the crowd, and only a few persons know how to react and protect themselves. And if you find yourself in such a situation, would you know what to do?

And this is why you must go through active shooter training. This training equips you with the right knowledge of what to do and what not to do when you’re in the middle of an active shooter situation.

While there are overloads of information regarding procedures to follow when faced with an active shooter situation, it is crucial to note that nothing beats physically learning the strategies to employ in such situations. And this is because, in most cases, the information found online may not be effective.

Do you want to learn the right strategies to deal with an active shooter situation and exempt yourself from being a victim? Would you also like to be a hero who not only saves their own lives but the lives of others?

Our Active Shooter Training

At security strategies today, we offer basic active shooter training. This one-day training is geared towards providing you with the key steps you can take when you hear indecent gunfire. We go ahead to teach you how to respond to an active shooter without being a victim.

We emphasize the tested and result proven concept of “running, hiding, and fighting” in the presence of an active shooter. We train you on some tactics to fight in the presence of an active shooter, how to improvise, and how to ensure that you are not at the receiving end of an active shooter’s bullet. We teach you how to analyze the situation and choose the most suitable option according to your location, the circumstances, and proximity to the attacker. And also how to regularly assess the situation, your environment, and other options available to you.

In our training for an active shooter, we ensure that you get familiar with these perpetrators’ tactics and cunning devices, hence knowing what to do when they begin their acts.

Our basic active shooter training comes with active shooter resources that will help you understand an active shooter’s mindset, how to recognize the presence of an active shooter, and so on.

We understand that the key to ensuring an active shooter’s survival is to have a plan and a preknowledge of what steps and actions to take to counterattack an active shooter. Thus, we teach you strategies for planning ahead of time in case of an active shooter.

Would you love to take our active shooter training? You send us an email or give us a call for details on our courses, fees, and availability.

Active Shooter Training

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