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Looking for an affordable indoor gun range in Chicago? You’re going to love Midwest Guns’ indoor shooting range that is open 7 days a week. Midwest Guns offers gun and locker rentals as well as discount annual and semi-annual passes for avid shooters.

If you own a firearm, it’s imperative that you know how to fire it and become proficient in the safety aspects of owning a gun. You should also bring your firearm to a shooting range often in order to stay familiar with its operation. Midwest’s gun range just outside of Chicago is the perfect location for improving your shooting skills.

There are numerous benefits associated with shooting, many of which you can take advantage of simply by spending a few hours at an indoor range once or twice a month. Consider the physical benefits of coming out to the shooting range:

– Shooting requires physical discipline that only comes from practice, including fine motor development and improvement, hand-eye coordination and concentration.

– Practice is the only way you will build your arm strength and learn how to hold a gun steadily.

– Most shooters love the focus necessary to shoot. This is a skill that can take time developing, but is one that will reward you in many aspects of life off of the range.

– Shooting takes mental discipline just as much as physical discipline. If you’re one who enjoys creative thinking, you’ll probably go far in the sport of shooting, since it involves many different problem solving activities all rolled into one.

– Shooting establishes and develops personal responsibility, taught from a safety perspective and as a means to improve skill.

Visit Midwest’s gun range in Chicago and you’ll understand why so many locals choose their location as their personal range. We recommend that upon visiting any range where you have never shot before, to familiarize yourself with the rules of the range, which differ from one range to another. Knowing the three basic gun rules is a start:

– Always keeping your gun pointed in a safe direction
– Always keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot
– Always keep your gun unloaded until it’s ready to use

Aside from these, each range will post their own site rules. You’ll benefit as well from knowing the following range etiquette:

– Don’t walk in with a naked gun. Carry your gun in some type of case, unloaded, with your ammo stored separately.

– Bring eye and ear protection.

– Take a moment to read the posted rules and regulations for the range

– Honor the authority of the range officer, regardless of what you personally think or feel. You’re on their turf, so an argument will get you nowhere.

– Refrain from small talk with other shooters or from bothering them in any way.

– Clean up your area when you’re through shooting and return all items you have rented.

Locals visit Midwest gun range in Chicago for its professionalism. Their gun store and shooting range is centrally-located, expertly managed and qualified to teach firearms safety classes. For more information, call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848.

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gun range Chicago

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