Howland Alarm Company

Howland Alarm Company was founded in 1969 by Charles “Buzz” Matheson, who at that time, was a Sergeant at Howland Police Department. During his time on the police force, Buzz saw the need for security in our community. Buzz and his wife Patricia continued to build the business until two of their children stepped into the business. Cindy and Jesse Matheson took over the business in 1987 when Buzz and Pat retired. Cindy and Jesse continue to work in the daily operations of the company.

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It’s All About Family

Howland Alarm Company, being a family owned and operated business, takes pride in making sure our customers are completely satisfied and safe. Everyone at Howland Alarm is willing to assist you with any questions you may have.

We love the close bond we have been able to create with our customers and staff. We truly feel like our customers and staff are family to us, not just “another number”. This is possible because we are a locally owned and operated company, unlike many other security companies.

From our highly qualified staff to our 24/7 monitoring station, we strive to keep every facet of our business “local”. We stay current with the ever changing world of security, by attending seminars and advanced training sessions on the products we use and new products on the market. Since 1969, we have been using the Honeywell product line, and we will continue to use these premier products as long as they are known to have the best quality equipment and technical support on the market.