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  • Angelique Armstrong

    July 18, 2024

    Make sure your reset list is up to date!

    Our customers provide us with a list of contacts to..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    July 11, 2024

    Make life as a working parent easier!

    With our home surveillance cameras and Total Connect App, working..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    June 20, 2024

    The Importance of Temperature Alerts

    Warm or cold weather extremes can destroy property. Keep tabs..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    June 6, 2024

    Keep your pool safe this summer!

    It is pool season and we thought it would be..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    May 30, 2024

    Traveling with Total Connect

    You will feel at ease when traveling with our total..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    May 23, 2024

    Protecting your place of worship

    Did you know churches and places of worship are easy..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    May 9, 2024

    The Perfect Gift For Mom

    Mother’s Day will be here soon! Give your mom the..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    May 2, 2024

    Grill Safety

    Did you know 7 out of every 10 adults in..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    April 18, 2024

    Guests staying from out of town?

    Call us today to add a custom temporary code to..

  • Angelique Armstrong

    April 11, 2024

    Consider a Howland Alarm sign!

    Studies show that 90 percent of convicted burglars avoid homes..

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