Posted June 17, 2021

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

Pool season is here, and many of us are opening our pools or already have our pools open. We thought it would be a good idea to touch on why it is a good idea to consider having a camera system installed to monitor pool activity and to just make life a little easier! Below We have listed some important reasons that a pool security camera would benefit you.

-Supervising children

Children love pools, so much so they will try to enjoy them without adult supervision. This is a huge problem because swimming pools are very dangerous for children. Children often run around the deck and slip, fall, and get hurt. They are not always the strongest swimmers, so they can drown in deeper waters. Finally, they engage in dangerous horseplay and can hurt each other. A security camera will notify you when children are in the pool area and help you monitor their safety if they are there without supervision.

-Investigating Incidents

Another big risk of swimming pools is premises liability. Pools are pretty hazardous, so injuries can happen pretty frequently. In these cases, the injured party may seek damages under your property insurance. Having a security camera can help your insurance company and attorney understand the details of the incident and provide evidence of who was in the wrong. The footage collected by security cameras will show exactly what happened during the incident. Then fault for the incident can be determined. Security cameras have saved many pool owners from the expensive costs of frivolous and false premises liability claims.

-Preventing crime

Pools can be a prime area for criminal activity. The crimes range from teenagers sneaking in for a late-night dip to having your pool area vandalized to items like lawn chairs and umbrellas being stolen. Security cameras are the very best deterrent to crime. Most of the time, when criminals simply see the presence of security cameras, they will move on to another target. Those that are bold enough to stay, will be caught in the act and their crimes documented for law enforcement.

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