Posted April 18, 2019

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

We always appreciate feedback and kind words from our loyal customers here at Howland Alarm. We are 100% committed to offering new and existing customers the best service and products to fit all of their safety needs. Below are some reviews and comments of what our customers have to say about our services!

Andrew J- “We have and continue to be happy with not only their wonderful employee’s, but the great service they provide!”

Lisa E- “You’re the best, I sleep so much better knowing you’re watching over me.”

Jack H- “When we had our Howland Alarm system installed, I can’t remember how many times we set it off until we finally got the hang of it. And Each time a dispatcher called to check on us, they were very understanding. A great LOCAL company, from the top down!”

Joe N- “Been using your services for 25 years now. Highly recommend!”

Donna M- “We love Howland Alarm. The best family owned business that keeps us feeling safe.”

ML R- “ We love Howland Alarm! No longer do we worry when we leave the house. We are covered. Thank you Howland Alarm!”

Kathy A- “Keeping us safe since 1992!”

Janice C- “Best Alarm company around. Honest and good people! Have had their system in my house and rental property for 30 plus years.”

Gary J- “I love the company and I love the family! Doing business with Howland Alarm is the most easiest service around the tri-county area. Thank you Howland Alarm Company!”

Joe N- “I’ve used Howland Alarm for 25 years. Their service is outstanding.”

Debbie L- “Long time customer here. I would not go anywhere else! Great products! Great people, all of them! Great service, always!”

Lisa E- “Fast and Friendly workers. No mess. Leaves a peace of mind. Many options to choose from. I believe being a family business, they care about families and family safety. To me, that makes a huge difference in their approach. Thank you Howland Alarm.”

Jacob C- “Best customer service I have ever had from any company ever!”

Ed A- “Great install, installers friendly and professional! Office personal friendly as well and it’s nice calling local if there is a question that you have. A company that has been around for a long time because of the great job that they do! Can’t say enough!”

Jim L- “Have used Howland Alarm for 15 years, got them into kid’s school and wife’s work. SUPERB SERVICE AND PEOPLE. I worked 20 years in police dispatch and they were quickest to dispatch alarms and correct problems if repeat false alarms. Would NEVER EVER use anyone else.

Jack H- “The entire staff are professional, courteous  and down to earth! Also very pleased the monitoring is done locally. The piece-of-mind we realized after their installation is priceless! Thank you Howland Alarm for all you do!”

Brenda M- “Feel totally safe with this family!! Always a phone call away.”

A big thank you to everyone who has left reviews for our page and to anyone who has used our services. If you are new and interested in learning more about what we have to offer, call us at 330-369-2956 or email us at [email protected]

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