Posted April 20, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

Did you know that nearly half a million pets are affected by home fires each year?

However there are effective ways to protect your pets from fire related injuries or death.

1. Keep your pets away from open flames-Keep candles out of reach, and NEVER leave flames unattended-Keep pets away from fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, one swing of a tail could turn into a dangerous situation very quickly. Leave hyper pets in another room when in these scenarios

2. Let your alarm company know how many pets you have in the house and where they are located. They can alert the fire department, and this can be crucial in saving your pets before it is too late in a fire

3. Pet Proof your home-If you leave your animals unattended while you are away, it is important to pet proof your home so that they do not accidentally start fires. If your dog jumps up at things or onto surfaces, removing stove handles is a good idea to prevent kitchen fires.-Electrical cords should also be hidden or put away, this could result in chewing that could injure your pet or cause a house fire.

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