Posted July 13, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

Garage sales can be fun and very productive, but they can also open your home to thieves. It is important to follow these home security safety measures to protect your home from potential burglar attacks.

*Make sure someone is beside the cash box/money at all times. Don’t leave the money box unattended, a stranger could easily walk past your table and take the box without you knowing if you are not near it. People usually don’t stay long at garage sales and by the time you notice, it could be too late and they could be gone.

*Do not let strangers into your home. Even if they ask to use the bathroom or to try on clothes. You never know what people are capable of or what their intentions are. Many times, people enter homes to scope out potential things to steal and plan to return at a later date. This happens more often than you think. Lock your doors and tell them you aren’t comfortable with that if they ask.

*Make sure your security cameras are working. If anyone steals anything during the sale, you will be able to look back at video footage afterwards to help police identify the thieves. Without video evidence, it can sometimes be impossible to identify the thieves.

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