Posted October 14, 2021

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about some safety tips and precautions to take to make sure everyone has a great Holiday!

Research has shown that the violent crime count is nearly 50% higher on Halloween night than any other day of the year. Vandalism, theft, and burglary are also extraordinarily common on Halloween night. By following these six Halloween home safety tips, you can help keep your home and family safe and prank-free.

1. Light Up Your House (Even If You’re Not Home)

*By simply leaving lights on in your home, it decreases the chance of a burglary because it makes them think someone is home. Even if you are out trick or treating with your kids, leave the porch light on and inside lights to help prevent people from thinking your home is vacant.

2. Prepare for Pranksters, Vandals & Thieves

*Unfortunately not all people out and about on Halloween are looking for candy and treats, some are looking for trouble. To avoid being a target of theft, consider placing your alarm company sign in the front of your home, leaving lights on throughout the house, and putting away objects that can easily be stolen from your porch or surrounding house area.

3. Set Up an Informal Neighborhood Watch

*Partnering with your neighbors is a smart way to make sure that all of your homes, children, and belongings are monitored. If you’re looking out for your neighbors and they’re looking out for you, someone is likely to spot suspicious activity.

4. Keep Your Pets Inside

*Loud noises and unfamiliar faces can be scary for animals and can cause them to bolt out of the house in fear. It is best to keep your pets in another room and away from the home entrance while trick or treaters arrive throughout the night.

5. Stay Home & Plan for a Safe Night

*The best way to avoid thefts on Halloween is for someone to be at the house while trick or treaters arrive. While it may not always be possible, you can still make it appear as if someone is there, even if you’re not.

6. Set Alarms & Security Cameras

*Last, but not least, SET YOUR ALARMS. You should arm your home security system and make certain your security cameras are working properly and placed where there is a clear view of the area around your home. Many times, just seeing a security camera and home security yard sign is enough to deter someone from committing a crime.

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