Posted December 29, 2022

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

A home security system is meant to protect you and bring you peace of mind, but it’s only useful if it’s working as intended. Test your system regularly so you can catch any problems before they cause a system failure when you need it most.

Most home security systems have at least a few sensors. These might include sensors to detect doors and windows opening or glass breaking, motion sensors, and water and flood sensors. and medical. These can degrade over time or build up dirt and dust that makes them less reliable. Testing them will let you know which sensors need to be cleaned or replaced. Some may also use batteries which need to be replaced regularly, too. Start by calling your local Howland Alarm monitoring station to let them know you will be testing your alarms.

Medical: Press the button on your medical alert button to trigger the alarm
Window or door-open sensors: Open all windows and doors with this type of sensor.

Glass-break sensors: There sensors are triggered by loud noise and vibration. Try stomping or knocking loudly on a window/ or playing a very loud sound to trigger it.

Motion detectors: Enter zones covered by motion detectors. Don’t forget any outdoor motion sensors you may have.

Water and flood sensors: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for testing. This may involve pressing a test button (like what you’d find on a smoke detector) or exposing the sensor to a small amount of moisture. Following the instructions will ensure that you don’t break the sensor while testing it.

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