Posted May 18, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

It’s easy to keep an eye on your teenager with smart home technology.

Here are some ways installing a Howland Alarm security system could make parenting a rebellious teen much easier!

-If you have to leave your teen at home, at least you will feel at ease after installing video surveillance cameras around the house. This makes it easy to check in on your teen at any moment while you are away and make sure they are staying out of trouble.

-You can install sensors on certain doors or cabinets, etc. that you do not want your teens getting access too. For instance, it would be smart to place a sensor on an area where you would keep alcohol or guns.

-You will be able to get real time alerts and know if a teen is opening a door or window. This could be crucial in finding out if your teenager is trying to sneak out at night.

-Another scenario could be your teen forgetting to lock the house when leaving, luckily with our total connect app, you can look to see if your alarm has been set and if it hasn’t, you can easily set it from wherever you are.

Having an alarm system while raising teens can be very beneficial to their safety and can keep your mind at ease!

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