Posted July 6, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

*People taking photos of your house

Burglars have been known to take photos of victims’ houses that they are choosing to target. They use this to look at later and remember which house they chose when they come back. If you notice random strangers taking photos of your house its a good idea to take photos of that individual as well, it could be used for future evidence if they strike!

*Random strangers knocking on your door

Another sign to look for is random people knocking on your door. This could be a person pretending to be selling something or running a fake business trying to fool you into opening your door. Many times, this allows the burglar to look inside the home and see your valuables that they want to steal. Or on a more scary note, the burglar could strike immediately and rob you as soon as you open your door which could put you in serious danger as well. Moral of the story, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR FOR STRANGERS.

*Markings on your home

Sometimes Burglars even target homes by leaving certain markings on them to be able to easily find them when they come back later. This could be something as simple as a string hanging from your front porch or a marker on your mailbox.

It is important to look for these signs and be sure to use your Howland Alarm security system and check your security cameras to prevent break ins and theft of your home.


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