Make life as a working parent easier!

With our home surveillance cameras and Total Connect App, working parents can watch their kids arrive home from school/daycare and enter safely inside with videos sent straight to their mobile device. They can also check in regularly with the babysitter and keep an eye on their little ones whenever they want. While we can’t always physically be there, being able to check up on your kids 24/7 through video sure does give parents peace of mind! Oh and did we mention, you can talk to them through the app as well!?

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The Importance of Temperature Alerts

Warm or cold weather extremes can destroy property.

Keep tabs on your home when away, an outbuilding or your business by adding a temperature alert to your new or existing system. Be notified by our monitoring station when the temperature rises above or falls below a desired temperature so that you can take action.

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Keep your pool safe this summer!

It is pool season and we thought it would be a good idea to touch on why it is a good idea to consider having a camera system installed to monitor pool activity and to just make life a little easier! Below We have listed some important reasons that a pool security camera would benefit you.

Supervising children

Children love pools, so much so they will try to enjoy them without adult supervision. This is a huge problem because swimming pools are very dangerous for children. Children often run around the deck and slip, fall, and get hurt. They are not always the strongest swimmers, so they can drown in deeper waters. Finally, they engage in dangerous horseplay and can hurt each other. A security camera will notify you when children are in the pool area and help you monitor their safety if they are there without supervision.

Investigating Incidents

Another big risk of swimming pools is premises liability. Pools are pretty hazardous, so injuries can happen pretty frequently. In these cases, the injured party may seek damages under your property insurance. Having a security camera can help your insurance company and attorney understand the details of the incident and provide evidence of who was in the wrong. The footage collected by security cameras will show exactly what happened during the incident. Then fault for the incident can be determined. Security cameras have saved many pool owners from the expensive costs of frivolous and false premises liability claims.

Preventing crime

Pools can be a prime area for criminal activity. The crimes range from teenagers sneaking in for a late-night dip to having your pool area vandalized to items like lawn chairs and umbrellas being stolen. Security cameras are the very best deterrent to crime. Most of the time, when criminals simply see the presence of security cameras, they will move on to another target. Those that are bold enough to stay, will be caught in the act and their crimes documented for law enforcement.

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Traveling with Total Connect

You will feel at ease when traveling with our total connect app.

*You can check on your house from anywhere

*See what packages were delivered while you are away

*Schedule your lights to turn on when it gets dark outside

*Let in pet sitters when coming to check on your fur babies or give them a code of their own while you’re away

*control the temperature, cameras, locks and much more

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Protecting your place of worship

Did you know churches and places of worship are easy targets for burglaries and vandalism? Here are some smart ways to protect your church and stop vandalism.

Install motion sensor lights around the outside of the church/place of worship. This will shine lights on any unwanted intruder that approaches the church at night.

Place security cameras around the church in easy to spot places so that intruders can see that they are being watched.

Protect stained glass windows from rock throwing, and other acts of vandalism. Protective glazing and storm glass are two effective ways to avoid having to replace these beautiful custom stained glass windows.

Install Sensors that can be placed inside and outside of the church on specific or holy items that will trigger the alarm if touched or messed with.

And Lastly, consider a monitored system that will alert authorities and the responsible parties that want contacted if the alarm is triggered. This is one of the best options you can choose for your church or your community worship place.

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The Perfect Gift For Mom

Mother’s Day will be here soon!

Give your mom the priceless gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day! We offer many devices that could be life saving to the important women in your life!

Below are some of the many services that we offer to consider!

-Medical Alert. An ambulance will be on the way in the push of a button!

-Smoke Detectors

Burglar protection

-Police Emergency Panic buttons

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Grill Safety

Did you know 7 out of every 10 adults in the U.S. have a grill or smoker?, This means lots of tasty meals over the summer, but it also means there’s an increased risk of home fires.

Here are a few grill safety tips to make sure everyone stays safe while grilling out!

-Make sure your grill is set up at least 10 ft away from the house.

-Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case flames get out of control.

-Never Leave your grill unattended.

-Double check your grill for leaks, or grease build up that could cause a fire

-Finally, make sure your home’s Howland Alarm smoke detectors and CO Detectors are installed and working properly!

Consider a Howland Alarm sign!

Studies show that 90 percent of convicted burglars avoid homes with home security yard signs. By placing one of our signs in your yard, you could avoid being a victim of a potential burglary. Our replacement yard signs are free to monitored customers and can be picked up at our business office: 2489 Niles-Cortland Rd mon-fri 9-5pm.