Posted March 7, 2019

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

  •     The average burglary takes place between 10am and 3pm.  Where are you during those hours?  At work, school, grocery shopping, working out at the gym, helping at your child’s school, or taking care of a loved one.  The list is endless as we all live busy lives with no time to deal with the stress of a break-in. Chances are your neighbors will be away from home during these times as well, reducing the chance the criminal will be spotted and the police department called. Having a burglar alarm with local monitoring will give you the ability to feel comfortable leaving your home knowing someone is monitoring your alarm to dispatch the proper authorities when needed.
  •     A home burglary can start and finish within 10 minutes.  Most seasoned criminals know what they are looking for, collect what they can and leave the premises.  However, they could return at a later time if they know you will not be home. Installing a burglar alarm with a siren will help deter the criminal from wanting the stay in your home.  Police will be notified by our local monitoring station along with yourself, friends, relatives or neighbors of your choosing.
  •     Over 30% of home burglaries start with an unlocked door or window.  Was it warm outside last night and you forgot to lock the bedroom window?  Having your doors and windows protected from opening is a great first line of defense.  It is good practice to check all doors and windows before you go to bed to ensure they are closed and locked.  We can custom program the doors and windows to have no delay time, so when the door or window is open the alarm automatically triggers the siren to sound.  
  •     Home invasion is a very real and scary thing!   Someone is home during nearly 3 out of 10 burglaries.  Having your burglar alarm armed while you are home is always a great idea.  Most people feel they only need it while they are away from home but that is not always true.  
  •     The average loss per burglary is nearly $2300.00, not to mention sentimental items that are not replaceable.  Compare the average cost of the loss to the average cost of a burglar alarm that starts at around $500.00.  There is no comparison!
  •     Burglars typically head to the bedrooms first.  They know most people hide their valuables in their bedroom; items such as jewelry, fire arms, and cash.  Along with having the windows/doors protected, we also recommend that you add an “inside trap”. This is usually a motion detector in the hallway of the bedrooms or other high traffic area to catch them before they ever get to your valuables.
  •     Burglars tend to avoid homes with a burglar alarm.  When you purchase a system from us, we will provide you will signs for your property and decals for your doors/windows.  They are a great deterrent and make a burglar think twice about trying to enter your home. If they do decide to burglarize your home with a monitored system, the siren will sound and we will dispatch proper authorities.  

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