Posted October 25, 2018

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

Over the past, nearly 50 years, since I have been in the business I have heard this question more times that I can count.  And it’s my favorite question to answer.  The reason I like this question is that I get to explain the differences between us and our competitors.

Howland Alarm is a family owned business.  You may ask, how does that benefit me?  A family owned business is a reflection of the family.  Therefore, a family owned business has a lot at stake.  We will go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied and to honor our family name.  We have roots in the community and often see our customers around town, and want the ability to hold our head high.  The company was started by our Dad, Charles (Buzz) Matheson and Mom, Patricia Matheson and then continued by Jesse and I when we took over the business in 1987 and purchased the company.  Now we are proud that the tradition is continuing by having our sister Charlotte, Jesse’s daughter Samantha, and Charlotte’s son Jake all involved in the business.  With nearly zero turnover rate, you will be able to call back 5-10-20 years later and still speak to the same person that sold you the system.   Another benefit to being local is, if you ever want to come into the office to ask questions or do minor repairs to your system yourself, then you know where we are and can stop in anytime Mon-Fri 9am -5pm.

Howland Alarm was started in 1969!  So that means 2019 will be 50 years in business!  We have the experience needed to offer and design the system that best fits your needs.  The security industry has some of the largest turnover rate.  In the past I have pulled out old phone books and would be amazed how many companies would come and go in our area.  We also believe in keeping up with the ever changing pace of the security industry by taking continuing education classes.  We are licensed with the State of Ohio for installing commercial required Fire Alarm systems.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB.  And we are WBENC – certified (Women Minority Business).

Howland Alarm owns/operates it’s very own Monitoring Station, right here in Trumbull County.  By owning our own monitoring station, we have control over how each account is handled. We can assure our customers the fastest response in the industry and greatest knowledge of our community and emergency situations that may happen.  If the monitoring station is located in a different State or even different COUNTRY, the response could be slower than normal.   I remember one time, our 911 office flooded.  The 911 station was closed for several days, the phone number to 911 just rang and rang, with no answer.  Since we were local, we were able to locate the emergency numbers and get police dispatched for our accounts, anyone with “out of the area monitoring” did not have police response for several days!

Howland Alarm, uses Honeywell product line for our burglar alarm systems.  I love Honeywell!  They are the largest and oldest American made manufacturer of alarm equipment.  They have the best technical assistance in the industry!  We have been using that product line for nearly 50 years.  Honeywell was known as Ademco, back many years ago, but changed names when Honeywell bought them out.  We believe in staying with the same manufacture. It allows us to always have the right parts needed to do any repairs.

Howland Alarm will never lock you out of your equipment, use proprietary equipment, or bind you to long term contract for monitoring.  I have always felt that customers should stay with us for monitoring because they want to and feel they are getting great value. Not because they HAVE to stay.   By signing a contract with an alarm company you are bound to that company. Your hands are tied and you cannot use a different company even if you are unsatisfied.  Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.  I caution you to investigate what exactly are you getting and if there are any hidden cost or contracts.  Watch out for the fine print!

There are many other valid points I could tell you about but maybe it would just be best if you to stop in at our business office (2489 Niles Cortland Rd., N.E., Cortland, Ohio 44410) or call 330-369-2956 Howland Alarm.  We are always glad to answer your questions and all too eager to let you know the benefits to using us for all your security needs.

Thank you for your time and interest in Howland Alarm.

Cindy Matheson – President

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