Posted June 22, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

With our Total Connect app, you can gain an extra layer of protection for your home, even when you aren’t physically there. The power of instant home access is in your pocket!

You can arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere, adjust temperature, turn lights on or off, lock your doors, and even turn off power to specific electrical outlets. You’ll even receive text messages, email alerts, and more! There’s nothing better than keeping your home safe while you’re gone!
Check your video footage and live view of your home whenever you want too! Just take out your phone, open your Total Connect app, and you can have a live view of the activity inside or outside your home. Also, if there’s a security event going on – someone is at the door, for example – you’ll receive a smartphone notification that it’s happening.

Check in on the kids from work, watch for animals in the yard at night, or check to see if your package has been delivered. The built-in motion sensors record all the activity and sound, plus you can watch these recorded clips anytime and receive a smartphone alert for any security events you wish.
It doesn’t get easier than this!

If you have an alarm & a smartphone and want access to your alarm when you’re on the go, call us today at 330-369-2956

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