Posted April 20, 2023

Posted by Angelique Armstrong

When choosing your alarm password, choose one that’s meaningful to you and that you will remember. Some ideas are favorite numbers or special dates that aren’t easily guessed.

Do not use information that can be easily guessed by others.
Although your password should be easy to remember, make sure they don’t correlate with information that can be found by outsiders. Avoid using passcodes that represent birthdays, anniversaries and addresses. This type of information can be accessed by outsiders through the Internet and other sources.

There also may be instances where you need to share your password. For example, giving your passcode to a babysitter, house sitter, or neighbor while you are away. We suggest changing your password after or giving them an alternate password while you need them there and then deleting it after.

These are all safe password tips can help prevent break ins and keep everyone safe! 

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