Benefits of home video surveillance for Seniors

Consider installing home video surveillance to check on your elderly loved ones to make sure they haven’t injured themselves or fallen, or to make sure hired caregivers treat them properly. It is sadly a fact that seniors have been known to be abused by caregivers. By having the ability to check on them, this can relieve your worry by putting you in control.

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Are you unhappy with your current Security provider?

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We offer free /no obligation estimates to change over to Howland Alarm for your security needs. Howland Alarm is a local/family owned company serving the Valley since 1969 (50 mile radius of Warren, Ohio), with our own local monitoring station. Every department is operated by employees of Howland Alarm, we do not subcontract the work out.

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Note: Beware, some alarm providers force you to sign a long term contract. Please make sure you are not under contract before changing over to us.

Consider switching to cellular!

There are many benefits to choosing cellular over a traditional landline set up. Landlines can be tampered with by burglars. They can cut phone lines to deactivate alarms before entering your house. By choosing a cellular set up, this can be avoided completely. Cellular alarm systems also send through tests everyday to make sure your alarm is working while landlines do not.

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Garage Sale Safety!

Garage sales can be fun and very productive, but they can also open your home to thieves. It is important to follow these home security safety measures to protect your home from potential burglar attacks.

*Make sure someone is beside the cash box/money at all times. Don’t leave the money box unattended, a stranger could easily walk past your table and take the box without you knowing if you are not near it. People usually don’t stay long at garage sales and by the time you notice, it could be too late and they could be gone.

*Do not let strangers into your home. Even if they ask to use the bathroom or to try on clothes. You never know what people are capable of or what their intentions are. Many times, people enter homes to scope out potential things to steal and plan to return at a later date. This happens more often than you think. Lock your doors and tell them you aren’t comfortable with that if they ask.

*Make sure your security cameras are working. If anyone steals anything during the sale, you will be able to look back at video footage afterwards to help police identify the thieves. Without video evidence, it can sometimes be impossible to identify the thieves.

Keep an eye on your pet while you’re on Vacation!

Let’s face it, everyone feels bad leaving their pets while going on a vacation and we miss them while we are away.

However if you are hiring a pet sitter to come to your home and watch your animals, you can keep tabs on what your pets are up to by viewing the cameras on our total connect app. This can help ease anxiety while you are away and allows you to make sure the pet sitter is attending to your animals. Place your cameras in the location where you want to view your pets, and easily access the camera footage from any location!

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Signs that your home may be a target!

*People taking photos of your house

Burglars have been known to take photos of victims’ houses that they are choosing to target. They use this to look at later and remember which house they chose when they come back. If you notice random strangers taking photos of your house its a good idea to take photos of that individual as well, it could be used for future evidence if they strike!

*Random strangers knocking on your door

Another sign to look for is random people knocking on your door. This could be a person pretending to be selling something or running a fake business trying to fool you into opening your door. Many times, this allows the burglar to look inside the home and see your valuables that they want to steal. Or on a more scary note, the burglar could strike immediately and rob you as soon as you open your door which could put you in serious danger as well. Moral of the story, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR FOR STRANGERS.

*Markings on your home

Sometimes Burglars even target homes by leaving certain markings on them to be able to easily find them when they come back later. This could be something as simple as a string hanging from your front porch or a marker on your mailbox.

It is important to look for these signs and be sure to use your Howland Alarm security system and check your security cameras to prevent break ins and theft of your home.


Shed Safety is Important!

We all know that outdoor equipment is not cheap and sheds sometimes are the home of your most valuable possessions. This is why it is important to practice effective safety measures to prevent shed theft.

Consider covering the windows in your shed to hide expensive items or placing expensive items in places they cannot be seen by looking in the window.-make sure ladders are put away and out of sight.

Did you know burglars often use ladders to break into shed windows and houses too? It is an effective and easy tactic to get in fast.-Consider placing security cameras and motion sensor lights near your shed. Motion Sensors will deter criminals and video surveillance will help catch the thieves or make them abort the mission when they spot them.

Pad locks on shed doors and expanding your alarm system to your shed are top safety precautions that are the most effective.

By adding an alarm to your shed, you can get notified immediately if someone tries entering.

Controlling your alarm from your smart phone has never been easier!

With our Total Connect app, you can gain an extra layer of protection for your home, even when you aren’t physically there. The power of instant home access is in your pocket!

You can arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere, adjust temperature, turn lights on or off, lock your doors, and even turn off power to specific electrical outlets. You’ll even receive text messages, email alerts, and more! There’s nothing better than keeping your home safe while you’re gone!
Check your video footage and live view of your home whenever you want too! Just take out your phone, open your Total Connect app, and you can have a live view of the activity inside or outside your home. Also, if there’s a security event going on – someone is at the door, for example – you’ll receive a smartphone notification that it’s happening.

Check in on the kids from work, watch for animals in the yard at night, or check to see if your package has been delivered. The built-in motion sensors record all the activity and sound, plus you can watch these recorded clips anytime and receive a smartphone alert for any security events you wish.
It doesn’t get easier than this!

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The Gift of Peace of Mind for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is almost here! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for your dad, we are here to help. Consider a gift for your dad that provides peace of mind, prioritizes safety, is low maintenance, and a smart long term investment. Consider purchasing a Howland Alarm security System and let our highly skilled installers make this Father’s Day the best for Dad!

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